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Úvod »SKLADOM» Lucky Wink 30mm Hair Curler


Lucky Wink 30mm Hair Curler



Dostupnosť: Skladom
Číslo produktu: 90998
EAN kód: 4903329981707
Naša cena bez DPH : 41,66 EUR (1 249,75 KČ)
Naša cena s DPH (20 %):
49,99 EUR (1 499,70 KČ)

do košíka:

Size: 30mm Pack Size - 3 pcs

Slim barreled hair rollers have a self-grip design that does not require pins or clips to stay in place. Long and narrow barrels translate to bouncy and lively curls that add body even to limp hair types.

To use, separate damp hair into small sections and start winding roller from the tips of one section until it reaches the scalp. Let hair dry naturally or with a blow dryer before gently unwinding roller from hair.

Guarantee durable and washable due to made from rosin. Special design on roller structure helps to keep stable on the hair.[!brand:Lucky Wink!][!upc:4903329981707!]


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